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Four Ways to Relax Before Your LASIK Procedure

Skyline LASIK strives to provide a relaxing atmosphere for our patients. From your consultation to the day of surgery, we want to help our patients feel confident in their LASIK procedure as we…

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What are the Possible Complications for LASIK Surgery?

When considering the surgeon you will entrust your vision to with LASIK surgery, it is important to select a board-certified surgeon along with other discernible criteria to reduce your risk. You can find…

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Will I Be Able To See Better At Night With LASIK?

If LASIK improves vision it stands to reason that one would have better night vision as a result of the procedure. LASIK is perhaps the most well-known laser eye surgery performed that corrects…

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How Long Do I Have to Wait for Full Results or Restoration of Eyesight?

One of the many benefits of LASIK is the promise of clearer vision immediately following surgery. However, vision can fluctuate as the eyes continue to heal and eventually stabilize. Following your doctor’s prescribed…

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Is LASIK Eye Surgery Worth It?

The high costs of prescriptions eyeglasses and contacts continues to add up year over year, far outpacing a one-time investment in laser eye surgery. Correcting your vision once and for all is not…

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Does PRK Last Forever?

PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) was the first ever laser vision correction technique performed on the eyes. PRK is often viewed as the traditional LASIK alternative for those who do not meet the criteria for…

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