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Our Laser Technology

At Skyline LASIK, we are at the forefront of vision correction in Colorado Springs, thanks to our investment in the Alcon WaveLight® Refractive Suite. This platform includes two lasers used during laser vision correction surgery: a femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap during LASIK, and an excimer laser that is used to reshape the cornea and correct vision in both LASIK and PRK.

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This state-of-the-art laser eye surgery technology represents the latest in precision, speed, and patient comfort, enabling us to offer outcomes that are tailored to the individual needs of our patients. Our dedication to harnessing the most advanced technology available underscores our commitment to providing you with the best possible vision correction experience. Explore how our leading-edge solutions can illuminate your path to clearer vision.

Skyline lasik refractive suite
Wavelight Topolyzer Vario Diagnostic Device

WaveLight® Topolyzer® Vario Diagnostic Device

Empowering our LASIK treatments with unparalleled precision, the WaveLight® Topolyzer® Vario Diagnostic Device utilizes over 22,000 elevation points to meticulously analyze your cornea. This advanced corneal analysis ensures the utmost accuracy in the data we collect, forming the foundation of your personalized treatment plan. With its innovative pupil centroid shift detection, we pinpoint the exact area of your cornea you primarily look through. This critical insight allows us to place your treatment with ultimate precision, optimizing your visual outcomes for a clearer, more vibrant world.

Alcon WaveLight® EX500

The Alcon WaveLight® EX500 cutting edge technology for LASIK & PRK and is the fastest excimer laser available, operating at an impressive 500 Hz with PerfectPulse Technology™. This advanced system ensures precise control over laser energy delivery, minimizing thermal impact by allowing significant cooling periods between pulses. This means each treated area cools efficiently, maintaining a pace of 1.4 seconds per diopter for optimal safety and effectiveness.

Unique in its approach, the WaveLight® EX500 is the sole excimer laser that incorporates Wavefront Optimize® technology to preserve the cornea’s natural curvature post-treatment, supporting better overall visual outcomes.

Further distinguishing itself, the EX500 features Contoura® Vision, a topography-guided vision correction that meticulously maps the cornea’s surface to correct imperfections in curvature based on individual refraction. This level of customization ensures no two treatments are the same, with about 70% of patients achieving 20/15 vision which surpasses the standard 20/20. Many report significant improvements in clarity, contrast, and night vision, with approximately 30% noting their vision is better than what they experienced with glasses or contacts.

WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser

Setting the standard for precision and efficiency, the Alcon WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser operates with groundbreaking speed at 200 Hz, empowered by PerfectPulse Technology™. This technology meticulously controls every laser pulse, ensuring each is delivered with optimal accuracy, safety, and speed. The result is the creation of LASIK flaps that are remarkably consistent in shape, thickness, and hinge position, all crafted in under 10 seconds. This level of predictability and efficiency in flap creation not only enhances the safety and outcomes of the LASIK procedure but also significantly improves the patient’s experience by minimizing procedure time.

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Discover how Skyline LASIK’s advanced Alcon WaveLight technology can unlock unparalleled clarity for you. Reach out to us today to schedule your personalized vision correction surgery consultation in Colorado Springs.

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