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PRK VS LASIK for Lindsey from My 99.9

Local DJ Gets LASIK at Skyline LASIK

Lindsay Marie, a DJ at 99.9 radio in Colorado Springs, is seeing more clearly than ever before – thanks to Dr. Matthew Chang at Skyline LASIK.

Having worn glasses or contacts for most of her life, Lindsay knew there were vision correction options out there. But, like most people, it took a while for her to actively explore the idea of LASIK. When she heard about the successes of Dr. Chang at Skyline LASIK, Lindsay took the leap of faith and scheduled the appointment.

Change is Good

After the initial LASIK exam, Dr. Chang recommended a LASIK alternative for Lindsay: PRK (photorefractive keratectomy). With visual outcomes on par with LASIK, he felt her eyes would be better suited for PRK. The surgical plan was discussed and the procedure date set.

When Lindsay arrived for her PRK surgery day, Dr. Chang performed another scan of her eye health and determined that a LASIK procedure would, in fact, be more appropriate for her eyesight. WHY did he change his mind? For several reasons:

  1. Lindsay had only stopped wearing her contact lenses for 3 days prior to her LASIK exam.
  2. By the time the surgery day arrived, Lindsay had been out of her contacts for an extended amount of time so her corneal health had stabilized.
  3. Dr. Chang performed new scans of her eyes to affirm the PRK procedure and felt certain that LASIK would be the best surgical option.

Lindsay had full confidence in Dr. Chang’s recommendation to proceed with LASIK instead of PRK. As a corneal expert, Dr. Chang is committed to carefully assessing every patient’s eye health and using the very safest and most effective method for vision correction.

LASIK was a Success

After just a short time in the LASIK suite, the LASIK procedure was over and Lindsay returned home to rest her eyes. By the next morning, she was already seeing more clearly. Today, Lindsay has 20/20 vision in both eyes and has been able to throw away her glasses and contact lenses! She can’t say enough great things about Dr. Chang and the entire team at Skyline LASIK.

Want to Follow in Lindsay’s Footsteps?

If you’re tired of glasses and contacts and want to find out if LASIK or PRK is right for you, contact Skyline LASIK today to schedule a free LASIK Consultation: Book Online Now or call (719) 444-3000. Start your journey by taking a free LASIK Self-Evaluation now: https://skylinenew/lasik/self-evaluation/.