LASIK Alternatives: What Procedure is Right for You?

You may not be destined to live with glasses or contacts – even if you find out that you are not a good candidate for LASIK vision correction. At Skyline LASIK, we take the LASIK approval process very seriously. If we don’t feel that your eyes are suitable for LASIK, we may recommend an alternative to LASIK that will be safer for your eyes while still improving your vision.

When it comes to vision correction, a procedure that is effective for one person may not be right for you – even if you have a similar eyeglass prescription. The right procedure for you will depend on several factors:

  • Corneal thickness
  • Presence of eye disease or eye conditions
  • Strength of your glasses prescription (refractive error)
  • Tear film assessment
  • Age
  • Medical conditions
  • Vision goals

The only way to find out if clear vision without glasses is a possibility for you is by meeting with our team. There is no obligation, and you will leave our office knowing more about your own eye health. The decision on how to proceed will be entirely up to you.

Dreaming of a Life with Clear Vision? Take Action!

Schedule a free consultation at Skyline LASIK today. Our doctors will assess your eye health and determine which type of vision correction procedure would be a safe and potentially life-changing one for you.

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